Welcome to Crimson-RO We would like to create a safe space and friendly community for everyone. A game where you can simply enjoy and relax, and toxicity is not tolerable. #1. Maintain a friendly community. #2. Respect the GMs / Staff and other players. #3. Respect each others' space / privacy. #4. Posting malicious images, videos, links is PROHIBITED! #5. Advertising other server(s) is PROHIBITED! #6. Real money trading is PROHIBITED! #7. Insulting / harassing / disrespecting one another in any way is PROHIBITED! (names / family / religion / etc). #8. Using 3rd party program(s) to have an advantage is PROHIBITED! (except for the ones that the server provides). #9. Spamming chat in any form or way is PROHIBITED! #10. Abusing bug(s) is not tolerable. #11. Pretending to be a GM or someone is not tolerable. #12. Do NOT ask or beg players or GMs for items. #13. Any kind of toxicity toward other players / GM staff will not be tolerated. first offense : Mute 2nd offense: Jail 3rd offense: Ban Failure to follow the rules will lead into consequences without any notice. Kindly, report anyone you see breaking any of these rules with a clear screenshot or video.

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